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Cracked Roof Tiles – how to prevent a small problem from turning into a big one

It’s easy to overlook a few cracked roof tiles, but cracked roof tiles are an issue that need to be addressed before they balloon into a bigger, more expensive, problem. HOW do tiles get cracked? Cracked roof tiles have many causes: – Foot traffic – Protruding nails from the layer below the tile – A…
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Dr. Ron Rodgers

From initial bid to completion, Zoller Roofing was first-rate. Their initial bid specified materials in sufficient detail to confirm quality of products (e.g., GAF Timberline dimensional shingles) they proposed for project. Zoller followed National Roofing Contractors Assn. Roofing Manual standards meticulously and replaced all wood decking that was damaged by prior moisture. They applied Secondary…
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