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What are the Benefits of a Metal Roof?

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  • Buying ONE metal roof for your home or business is like purchasing THREE shingle roofs in longevity!  Insurance companies are making homeowners replace a shingle roof every TEN years in Florida.
  • A metal roof helps keep energy costs down. Metal is one of the most energy-efficient roofing materials on the market because it reflects heat up and away from buildings. In fact, a metal roof can save homeowners up to 40% in energy costs.


  • A metal roof will last you well over THIRTY years and they are not targeted by the insurance companies like shingle roofs are in Florida.
  • Metal roofs are exceptional in standing up to storms, wind and rain.

Curb Appeal

  • A metal roof looks great on any building!
  • Because it sustains minimal damage, a metal roof will look new for years to come. There are several styles and they span a variety of colors and types.
  • A metal roof requires minimal upkeep and it's attractive look is easy to maintain.

5-V Metal Roof

5V Metal Roof, Sarasota FL, Zoller Roofing

A 5-V is a cost-effective option.  It is a strong, storm-proof roof with exposed fasteners., The fasteners adhere through the roof panel into your purlins and sheathing.

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing Seam Metal Roof, Sarasota FL, Zoller Roofing

A standing seam roof hides its fasteners, providing a cleaner, more streamlined look with tremendous strength and durability. The metal panels lock into place with clips that allow for thermal expansion and contraction.

Is a metal roof cost effective?  Yes.

A metal roof is cost effective compared to other roofing options. Because of the recent dizzying spike in the price for oil, prices for petroleum-based products like shingles, have gone sky-high. Therefore, while in years past, a shingle roof was the most cost-effective way to quickly re-roof, these price increases have knocked shingles out of the inexpensive category.  And while shingle roof costs are rising, metal prices have remained steady, and are now competitive with shingle pricing. Even better, it will last more than 30 years, whereas insurance companies insist you replace any shingle roof that is more than 10 years old.

Zoller Installation

Is a metal roof durable?  Yes.

Unlike shingles, which soften or can become brittle over time, a metal roof remains sturdy and durable for decades. They are considered to be assembly rated class A, meaning the covering and underlying materials provide additional fire protection. This makes metal a great choice to keep your building and its contents safe.

Aerial View of 5-V Roof, Zoller Roofing, Sarasota FL

Can a metal roof protect you from storms?  Yes.

Metal has the highest wind rating of all roof types. Wind ratings start at 140 mph, and some can withstand gusts up to 180 mph. In contrast, shingle roof wind ratings top out at 130 mph. With Florida being hit with increasingly stronger hurricanes, the steadfastness and safety of your roof should be a top concern. A Category 3 storm has winds up to 130 mph, and a category 4 storm goes up to 156. What kind of roof do you want protecting your home and family as these storms continue to intensify?

Do metal roofs come in different colors?  Yes.

There are a variety colors you can choose from.  Mill Finish, the silver metal color you see most often is the most popular color metal roof in Florida. When selecting this color, make sure you are getting Galvalume, stay away from “galvanized metal.” Galvalume roof and siding panels are coated with a mixture of zinc and aluminum as well as a clear coating to help resist scuffs and fingerprints better than a bare metal product. The coating is most often Acrylume, a clear organic resin surface that is applied over the Galvalume to protect the metal surface.

You can also choose to get a colored metal, but choose wisely. You do not want a plain, painted roof panel. These easily scratch and the colors quickly fade in the intense Florida sun. Make sure your roofing contractor is providing you panels that are treated with PolyVinyliDere, a polymer that covers the metal, so it won’t fade and scratch.

Zoller Roofing provides free estimates for all roofing solutions.

Close Up of Installation of New Metal Roof Panels, Zoller Roofing, Sarasota FL
New Standing Seam Metal Roof by Zoller Roofing in Sarasota FL

Common FAQ's

The three most common types of roofs are: shingle, metal, and tile for pitched roofing.

Most shingle roofs will last between 18-20 years before replacement is needed.

A metal roof has a much higher wind rating than most other roofing.

You want to make sure they are certified, licensed, and have all the proper insurance.

There are several ways to research your contractor. and is a great place to start. You also want to make sure you get current copies of all the workman's compensation and liability insurance to make sure it is all up to date. If your roofer can't provide this, BEWARE!

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