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Cracked Roof Tiles – how to prevent a small problem from turning into a big one

It’s easy to overlook a few cracked roof tiles, but cracked roof tiles are an issue that need to be addressed before they balloon into a bigger, more expensive, problem.

Cracked Roofing Tiles
Cracked Roofing Tiles
Cracked Tile Roof
Cracked Roofing Tiles

HOW do tiles get cracked?

Cracked roof tiles have many causes:
– Foot traffic
– Protruding nails from the layer below the tile
– A strong storm
– Debris (like branches) falling on the roof

WHY you need to fix cracked roof tiles:

A cracked roof tile allows for the entry of water. Water getting below the tiles of your roof, the protective covering of your home, can cause damage to your home’s interior – like walls and ceilings – as well the wood structures holding up your roof. Water entry allowed by cracked roof tiles can also cause mold and mildew.

Cracked roof tiles can lead to STRUCTURAL DAMAGE:

Once water gets under the roof tiles, it can move and spread. When the wood underneath the roof tiles becomes exposed to water, rot can easily set in and cause structural damage and deterioration. This damage can go well beyond the internal structure of the roof affecting the house interior creating staining of drywall, ceilings and walls.

Cracked roof tiles can lead to HEALTH ISSUES:
The water allowed into the home structure by cracked roof tiles can cause mold and mildew. As many recent reports have shown, mold can cause infections, breathing issues and a host of other health problems. Getting rid of mold once it is in a home is not only difficult but can be very expensive.

Replacing cracked tiles will SAVE YOU MONEY:

Taking immediate action by replacing cracked roof tiles will save you money. This relatively small repair will help you keep water from entering below your protective tile layer, thus preventing leaks into the interior of your home. Once a roof leak has spread, and can be seen via water stains on your ceilings, the repair will be more larger and more costly.

Yearly roof inspections by a licensed roofing contractor are advised to head off any potentially expensive roofing issues.

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