Dr. Ron Rodgers

From initial bid to completion, Zoller Roofing was first-rate. Their initial bid specified materials in sufficient detail to confirm quality of products (e.g., GAF Timberline dimensional shingles) they proposed for project. Zoller followed National Roofing Contractors Assn. Roofing Manual standards meticulously and replaced all wood decking that was damaged by prior moisture. They applied Secondary Water Resistance (SWR) barrier throughout to create a Sealed Roof Deck. They also installed tapered insulation on the flat roof deck to create enough pitch to minimize pooling on the flat porch roof and strengthened the seal and joint between the shingled and flat roofs to address a problem area in the older roof they replaced. Zoller Roofing's workmanship was superb in every aspect and they kept me informed of progress throughout the project. They made special efforts to work with the insurance inspector to assure that he was able to document all required evidence of anchoring and SWR protection to meet the Wind Mitigation and related insurance specifications. I write the IL Roofing Contractors Licensure Examinations so I am familiar with roofing industry standards and practices. Zoller Roofing performed exceptionally well from the time of initial bidding through project completion and documentation. I asked for comparable information from all bidders. Zoller met all of these requests without prompting, accurately predicted areas that could increase costs such as deck repairs from prior moisture damage, presented the lowest bid and included optional improvements such as the tapered flat roof to minimize risks of future pooling and water damage. I recommend them without reservation to anyone who wants quality work at a fair price.

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  1. After visits, interviews and estimates from a number of Sarasota area roofing companies we elected to use Zoller and are very pleased by the decision. Nick was prompt on all visits, straight forward in his answers to a host of questions and while not offering the lowest price we felt his quote was competitive and believe he will stand behind the work should any problem surface in the future.

    We were pleased with both the crews used to remove of old and install of new tile. The workers arrived when scheduled, were neat in work performed and had a positive/honest attitude when questions were presented to them. There was no loud music or shouting to disturb neighbors and at the conclusion of each day the work area was cleaned. When a glass table was accidentally damaged Nick made it right.

    We would not hesitate in recommending Zoller Roofing and have already done so with neighbors who have also elected to utilize their services.

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