How to Prepare Your Roof for Hurricane Season

How Can You Prepare Your Roof for Hurricane Season?

How can you prepare your tile roof or metal roof for hurricane season? Here are the best steps you can take to prepare for the storms to come.

With hurricane season officially starting in less than a month, many homeowners are starting to prepare for the upcoming storms. Here are 3 ways you start preparing your roof for hurricanes.

1. Get a Roof Inspection!

The first thing to do to prepare your metal or tile roof for hurricane season is to get a roof inspection. A licensed and insured roofer will be able to look at your roof to determine if there are any issues. Additionally, they can give you tips on how to secure your roof during a hurricane. Always make sure you are calling a licensed roofer to perform the inspection. Check on the SunBiz website for their license and insurance information before they come out to your home.

2. Get your Roof Repairs Done Now!

Your roof inspection could show that you have cracked or loose tiles, or loose screws in your metal roof panels. Make sure to repair these issues immediately! Loose roof tiles shift even more during a hurricane, and if they move too much it can cause a leak. Loose screws in a metal roof can cause the metal to move and bend. This can also cause leaks and other issues. A licensed roofer that comes out to perform the inspection should be able to take care of any repairs as well.

3. Get Hurricane Straps Installed!

Roof straps are a great addition to roofing if you live in hurricane prone areas. Roof straps are metal straps attached to the trusses of your roof that keep high winds from tearing our whole roof off. Many homes in Florida have these installed when they get a new roof. However, you can always ask your insurance to send someone out to check. If you do not have hurricane straps, call a licensed contractor to install them.

Hurricanes can be very destructive! Act now to protect yourself and your home from these storms.

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