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How to verify your roofing contractor to keep from getting scammed…

Before jumping into any new roofing projects, you need to educate yourself to avoid cams and unlicensed roofers. Here are 5 questions you must ask before signing that contract.

How Long Has This Company Been in Business?

This is a great question to ask your roofing contractor as well as research on your own. If the company has been in business a long time, they should be able to provide references you can contact and show examples of their work. Go to the Florida SunBiz Secretary of State website at http://www.sunbiz.org. Search your contractor’s business by name to make sure their license is up to date. This will show how many years the company has been in business and what licenses they hold in the state of Florida.

Have There Been Serious Complaints About this Contractor?

Find out if a contractor has received any serious complaints by going to http://www.myfloridalicense.com, click Verify A License, and you search your contractor by name or license number. There you can see if any major complaints have been lodged against the contractor, as well as the nature of the complaint. You can also check with your local Better Business Bureau by searching the contractors name straight from the home page.

Does This Company Carry Workmans’ Compensation Insurance?

A credible roofing contractor is required by law to have workmans’ compensation insurance. You can see if your contractor has this by going to http://proofofcoverage.fldfs.com/search. Enter the contractor’s name and city. Workmans’ compensation is important to the people who are working on you job. Additionally, all employers conducting work in the State of Florida are required to provide workers’ compensation insurance for their employees.

Does the Company Have Liability Insurance?

You should also protect yourself from any damage that could be done to your home or property during the re-roofing process. Liability insurance is important as it covers for any damages caused by a negligent contractor and covers you for injuries that may happen on your property. Ask your contractor for a copy of their liability insurance. Be sure to check the insurance policy dates and for extra due diligence, you can call the insurance company to verify it is up to date. Asking your contractor this question will help you determine how much they care about their clients’ well-being.

After finding out the answers all these questions and doing your research, you should feel comfortable with who you have chosen to complete your roofing project. A good roofing contractor will be willing to answer any and all questions about the entire re-roofing process.

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