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How to Verify Your Roofing Contractor

Verifying your contractor is one of the key parts of getting a new roof. When looking for a roofer, or any contractor, its important to do your research and prepare for the job to come.

Verifying the contractor through the state is easy, just go to Click online services, and then Verify A License, type in your contractors business name or license number. You can view any complaints the company has through here.

If you are installing a new tile roof, make sure your roofer has a certificate from the Tile Roofing Industry Alliance confirming they are certified by TRI in the Florida High Wind Manual Certification program.

Zoller Roofing tile installers are certified for high wind adhesive application. Verify that your tile installer is certified by the tile adhesive manufacturer.

Confirm your roofer has Workers Compensation Insurance, go to, and enter your contractors name and city.

Ask for liability insurance. If an injury or accident happens on your property, or damages occur, and your contractor does not have liability insurance you could be on the hook for the expenses. If your contractor does not have liability insurance, you have no recourse and will have to cover damages yourself.

You can also verify through the Better Business Bureau; BBB provides you with information about a company before you work with them and it provides plenty of information for you to make an informed and intelligent decision.

Ask for references. Any contractor should be able to provide multiple references of previous clients you could contact. Zoller Roofing Inc. can provide as many references as you would like.

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  1. This weekend, I want to rebuild my house’s roof because it is deteriorating quickly. I agree with your statement that any contractor should have a number of references from prior customers that you may call. To find out what kind of roof would be ideal for my home, I would need to see an expert. I appreciate the article.

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