Tile Roof Repairs

Does your tile roof need some repairs?

Tile roofs are a popular choice for homeowners in Florida. A tile roof has the proven ability to withstand severe weather conditions including the sustained winds we can experience with tropical storms. With proper installation and maintenance, tile roofing can provide years of protection to your home. However, tiles are vulnerable to damage and can crack, become displaced and pieces can break off. Additionally, tile damage will compromise the integrity of your roof leaving your home unprotected from additional water damage. Fortunately, tiles can be repaired, and Zoller Roofing is a certified expert in tile roof repairs as well as new tile roof installations.



While the tiles are the part of the roof you visually see, they are more for aesthetics and integrity of your roof and not necessarily what keeps water from penetrating into your home. The underlayment beneath the tile is a watertight membrane that provides this protection. Cracked, displaced and missing tiles can expose the underlayment to the weather and the sun exposure will cause dry out of the underlayment, causing it to crack and allow water to enter your home. Tile roof repairs should be scheduled immediately if you suspect any damage to prevent the underlayment membrane from being compromised.

We have the skills and experience needed to repair any tile roof problem in a timely manner. We also have the experience and the knowledge with all types of tile roofing, including clay, concrete, and slate. We are a top-rated roofing contractor with a proven track record and scores of great reviews. Zoller Roofing has been awarded the Angie’s List Super Service Award 12 times and has an ‘A’ rating on their site. Our company is proud of our 5-Star Review Rating on Google, and an A+ rating on NextDoor.com (with the most recommendations of any roofing company listed), and our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.


Whether you need a completely new roof installed or only require a simple tile repair, you can count on Zoller Roofing to get the job done right!

Certified by the Tile Roofing Industry Alliance

Zoller Roofing is one of the few local contractors certified by FRSA-TRI Alliance in High Wind Concrete and Clay Tile Installation. This means we have been trained in the most up to date industry practices, installation methods, and the latest code requirements on how to apply and maintain tile roofs in high wind climates like we have here in Florida.

Zoller Roofing Inc. builds tile roofs that last for decades in Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, Venice and Bradenton using a foam-screw hybrid system to secure tiles to the roof. The foam adhesive adheres the tiles more securely to the roof than screws. Using foam instead of screws means there are no holes in the roofing layer under the tile, making your roof more watertight. Foaming the tiles can keep them on your roof in winds up to 250 miles per hour. The first two courses of tiles at the eves are both screwed and adhered down with foam adhesive, providing the most secure protection for your home. The below video shows why in a state like Florida, that is hit yearly by hurricanes, you need to adhere your tiles to your roof deck with more than just screws!

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