Tile Roofing Industry Alliance

For over 50 years TRI Alliance has been the tile roof industry’s leading expert on code development, testing, and the best installation practices for tile roofing. As tile roofing becomes increasingly popular in states like Florida, they make safety and security a priority. Zoller Roofing is one of the few local contractors who are certified by FRSA-TRI Alliance is High Wind Concrete and Clay Tile Installation. This means we have been trained in the most up to date industry practices, codes, and requirements for installing and maintaining tile roofs in high wind areas like Florida. TRI Alliance continues to work with states on improving their wind and fire-resistant tile requirements. Zoller Roofing continues to work the TRI Alliance and the state as they update codes and requirements, so you have the safest tile roof available. For more information on TRI Alliance, you can visit their website at tileroofing.org, and you can visit our website at zollerroofing.com for more information on our tile roofing.

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