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What to Look For in a Roof When Buying a New Home

With so many people purchasing new homes in the past few years, it’s important to determine what condition a roof is in before you buy. A roof is one of the costliest, and more important home renovations, so be aware of this when you purchase a home. Here is some important information to find out about your roof before you buy your home.
1. Find Out the Age of the Existing Roof

To figure out the age of the existing roof, you can do a few things. First, check the county’s building website and search your address to check what roofing permits have been pulled in recent years. This will help you determine exactly how old the roof is and if it needs to be replaced right away. Second, look at the roof from a distance. Are there peeling shingles, lots of broken tiles, or moldy metal? These are indicators that the roof may be old and in need of maintenance or replacement.

2. Check for Leaks and Rotting Wood

You can check for leaks and rotting wood by going into your home’s attic. If there are wet spots, water staining, or crumbling wood you will need to have a roofing contractor come out and further inspect the roof. Rotten wood is one of the main indicators you need a new roof. If the wood that supports your roof is rotten, it means you have an unstable roof base that can deteriorate the material on top even faster than normal. You can also call a certified roofing contractor to perform an inspection on your roof. This is a small cost to ensure the security of your investment.

3. Check Your Roof’s Ventilation System

Making sure your new home has proper roof ventilation is important. A poorly ventilated roof can cause the growth of mold and increase your chance of wood rot. Make sure there are proper vents that let in air and sun. This will help your roof stay dry and help your home stay cooler in the summer months, especially if you have a metal roof.

If you find that your new home has any of these issues, call a certified roofing contractor and have them preform a thorough roof inspection. Your roofing contractor will be able to let you know if the roof needs complete replacement, or just some repairs.
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