Why is your tile roof leaking?

A leaking tile roof is more than just a pain in the neck, it means that water has penetrated the layers of your roof!  This  can cause major damage if it is not quickly fixed, affecting everything from your attic insulation, to the wood structures holding up your home. It can also cause mold and mildew growth, and reduce your home’s energy efficiency.

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A tile roof leak can have many causes, all of which require the work of a professional roofing contractor.

  • LOOK FOR cracked, missing, slipped or loose tiles. These seemingly small problems expose the underlayment, or waterproof layer below your roof tiles, to the sun.  The UV rays and heat of the sun degrade the underlayment, causing it to crack and allow water to enter.  The water then can travel down into your house, causing wood rot, drywall damage and more.
  • LOOK FOR stains at your soffits. Soffits are where the tile on your roof ends, where the roof hangs over the house.  Brown stains on soffits are from water coming through the wood and leaving a mark.  These stains often go unnoticed, as most people don’t look at the eves of their roof when it’s raining.  Soffit stains are an indicator of an underlying leak.
  • LOOK AT the age of your roof. The older generation of underlayment was made of organic based fiberglass and asphalt. Over time this material begins to degrade allowing water to penetrate that protective layer, even though the actual tiles on your roof are holding up well.  The new, modified underlayment is made of different material and lasts much longer.

Zoller Roofing is Sarasota’s tile roofing expert, specializing in the installation, repair and maintenance of tile roofs.  Zoller Roofing builds a tile roof that will last for decades, installing an extra layer of roofing around all skylights, vents and chimneys.  These are the first areas to fail on most roofs around the ten to twelve-year mark. This extra protection will make a tile roof last for thirty years, not start leaking after ten.  Additionally, Zoller Roofing uses foam adhesive to install tiles instead of using screws.  The foam adheres the tiles more securely to the roof than screws, and there are no penetrations in the roofing layer under the tile, making it more watertight.

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